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Daystar hosts re-launch of Kombani’s‘The last villains of Molo’


A book based on the 1991 politically-instigated tribal clashes in Molo is re-launched at Daystar University as both local and Ivy League universities in the US continue to study the literary work by little-known author.

The book, the last villains of Molo, is authored by Kinyanjui Kombani and examines the role of children and the youth in times of conflict. The last villains of Molo will be made into a film by Dreamcatcher Film Company, intertwining the factual background with a love story amidst tribal violence.

“For me, The Last Villains of Molo has been a journey of discovery. Not only a discovery of about human behaviour, but of, self-discovery,” said Kombani.

Kombani explained how he realized that a story can become bigger than one thought.

“I realized that this simple story has become bigger than me when I was invited to speak to students, and they asked questions about themes, characters and meanings that I too, did not know I had put in there.”

The last villain of Molo has had post graduate mentions at Havard University, University of Sussex, and Free University of Berlin. It has been studied in Kenyatta University, Moi and Egerton universities and will be studied at Daystar and CUEA beginning this semester.

The relaunch of the book comes amidst debate about dwindling fortunes of publishing outside educational material, an issue Mr. Musyoka Muli of Longhorn publishers mentioned during the function.

“Many people ask how they can get their works published but you need to be creative first before you are published. I see so many manuscripts here today, but are they just in the mind?” asked Muli.

The re- launch which saw publishers, authors, media personalities, institutions and corporates share one ground was successful. It ended with a book signing session by the author, who is also a banker by day.

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