Dating 101: The pros and cons of living with your lover



In college, free from parental controls and enjoying true liberty many students do experiment with sex, drugs and alcohol. Now more than ever, there are also a slew of students who also choose to cohabit with their significant other. This common practice is a sweet experience in the beginning, but usually ends quiet sour.

Students after dating for a few months, decide to live together as a “natural progression” from the casual dating that they may have previously engaged in. The decision to cohabit sees many share a bedsitter much like Bob Marley’s “Is this love “song goes and the few belongings they have gathered since leaving their parent’s home. The feeling of being together for a few hours a day soon becomes inadequate, so couples decide to move in together much like a married couple. Cohabiting may be cheaper in the sense that you pay rent for one place but really there are more demerits that merits.

Cohabiting can cause both people to feel suffocated, bringing the relationship to a disastrous end even before it started. Spending too much time together may cause the two individuals to wear on each other. Individual traits and personalities soon become apparent and annoy the significant other. I also think that by hanging on too hard to the relationship by taking such a drastic step, may bring the relationship to a halt. Studies show on average, marriage preceded by cohabitation is 46% more likely to end in divorce. However, some studies indicate that those who live together with definite plans for marriage are at minimal risk; however, there are no positive effects from cohabiting. But it is well known that campus relationships rarely last past the graduation date. So, pretending that the college relationship will last till marriage is simply a lie. Most college students are only looking for a fun time .Cohabiting can also become really dangerous when physical abuse becomes a factor. There are so many stories of young women who get trapped in a relationship and endure abuse for the in the name of “love”.

Cohabiting brings nothing but trouble, avoid getting involved in such a situation that may do more harm than good.



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