Data challenge launched for varsity and college students



University and college students have a chance to explore the world of research and data with the launch of the ‘Campus Data Challenge’. Sponsored by Capital Campus and mSurvey, the challenge will see students compete against each other in coming up with innovative and interesting research findings using the m-Survey Do-it-yourself mobile research tool.


Students can register for the competition in teams of between (2-5 members) with the ultimate winning team getting a cash prize of Sh20,000 with the runners-up getting a lesser amount.


Data science and analysis is currently the hottest career globally, with data analysts sought by corporations and the public sector. Data scientists in Kenya will continue to be in demand as the country moves towards a knowledge economy in the attainment of Vision 2013.


The data challenge will bring out the creative and analytical ideas of young people using scientific research. The challenge will bring young minds together to collect, visualize, and provide data on 7 themes:

  1. Public Health
  2. Education
  3. Public Transport
  4. Technology
  5. Entertainment/Music
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Lifestyle


The data challenge will have two phases: In round one, teams will submit brief research proposals of not more than 200 words. Based on how interesting your research proposal is, your team will proceed to round two where you and your team will conduct the research and display the results in a creative way. Winners will be picked based on depth of research, insightful findings and creative display of the results (visualizations).


Register and get more details here Campus Data Challenge