Daniel Peter Weke Shares How He Juggled Acting, Business & Campus


Capital Campus had the opportunity to sit down with Kenyan heartthrob on his recent achievement of graduating from university, juggling his businesses as well as his career on the small screen. Known for his role in the popular show “Mali” Daniel Peter Weke has experience in the entertainment industry hosting events, even a short stint on radio. After catching up with him, here is what he shared with Capital Campus.

CC:  What have you been up to since graduation?
DP: Well nothing much, I have just been sitting hapo ngara btw. HAHAHAHA… Well, I joined a Marketing agency to expand my skills in digital marketing and it’s been 1 year now. I still do act, host, give motivational talks and handle my personal events company.
I think mimi na ruto tulienda shule moja. #HustlersHighSchool

CC: What was your most memorable moment in Campus?
DP: My most memorable moment was when I graduated. It was not a simple journey for me considering I was in school doing all these things to pay my fees sometimes. I graduated with a Magna Cum Laude. Btw, I started paying for my fees while in Form 1 just to challenge myself. Pocket money ya mom tulikuwa tunanunua viatu.


CC: How did you manage to keep your grades up considering you were also acting?
DP: Well it took a lot of sacrifice, discipline, hard work and dedication. Considering the fact that I was paying for my fees I had no time to joke with that money.

CC: Any major shocker after completing campus?
DP: Let me see. Not any that I can think of… lakini kumbe tarmacking ni kazi aki!

CC: If you were to go back to Campus, what would you do differently?
DP: I would have involved myself in giving more talks to fellow students. I feel some of them are really messing up their futures.

CC: How did you begin your acting career?
DP: Well my acting career started by default. I just was straight from Uganda and I wanted to do something that I’ve never done. So went for some auditions at Kenya National Theatre and the rest is history.

CC: You were a business major in Campus, why business and not the arts?
DP: If you ask me, art is a skill which transverses to talent. Sciences, on the other hand, require the application of facts, theories, and principles to make sense.  Well, as I said, me being in arts was by default because I had not planned for it neither was it in my dreams. I always thought I would be a lawyer or some pilot. But see where I am. *shakes head*


CC: What is the biggest challenge when it comes to juggling your business and the arts?
DP: The biggest challenge comes when people cannot see you as a business minded person. Sometimes its advantageous when people know you but this has its pitfalls too.

CC: Take us through the birth of your company, RedLiquid Entertainment?
DP: Well Red Liquid was started by my Uncle then I joined at the management level. I used to work for my uncles who were in the Events Industry. I then felt we could start our own company since we were the creatives thus we coined Red Liquid. I also have The Palette Décor & Designs dealing in interior designs where I partnership with my Mother & House of Fatasha Gridd dealing in custom attire where I partner with my sister.


CC: Which would you say has been more lucrative for you, acting or business? Business

DP: Business any day.

CC: What’s your philosophy in life? If you don’t try, you will never know.

DP: If you don’t try, you will never know.


CC: What are your future plans?

DP: I’m quite random and a risk taker when it comes to future plans. But what I am thinking about is getting married, maybe politics, and a children’s home. Life is short.

CC: What would you advise someone venturing into two distinct fields?
DP: Be ready to sacrifice and work hard. It won’t be an easy sailing.



This interview was conducted by Captial Campus Correspondent Carolyne Mutisya.



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