Dance Judges set criteria for Orange ‘beat ya street’



Judges have announced the criteria they will use to pre-qualify dancers in the Orange beat ya street. They will be checking for:

Uniformity – Costume and Presentation.

Creativity – Originality is very important! Creative use of existing dance genres.

Discipline – Looking fora tight and well-balanced choreography, good formations, and straight lines.

Technical Ability –The use of specialized skills where applicable (acrobatics/flexibility/B boy/etc)


The Judges’ decision is FINAL.

 Here are the 16 Crews that have been uploaded and approved (in no particular order):


Al Pachino Crew


HitmakerzDance Crew

The Outsyders Crew


FBI Dance Crew

Titans All Stars

Shrink Krew

Sawala Crew

Expofusion Crew

I-Emas Crew

Street Pokaz Crew

Sisko Reloaded

BlackblingersDance Crew

Kenya Performing Arts Group

Oasis Crew


Nairobi live event will take place on 17th July and aired on NTV on 20th July.


The 8 selected crews will be notified by phone and email and will then be announced on Facebook and Orange website.




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