DABO is Out, Hit or Miss? Dj Hypnotic feat Khaligraph, Ulopa & Lon Jon


Avicii, DJ Snake, DJ Khaled, David Guetta etc, are those names familiar to you? I bet they are if you are a fan of music. They have produced some of the biggest jams racking in millions of views on YouTube. They command a huge clout of influence within the music industry in the US and globally in addition to holding some of the biggest shows across the world.

Well, it seems like the Kenyan music industry wants to follow suit. Crème De La Crème was featured by Khaligraph Jones in their mash-up hit titled Rest In Peace Competition. The same DJ teamed up with legends of the Kenyan music industry namely Big Pin, Ulopa, Prezzo and AY from Tanzania to release waliotuacha, a tribute to influential Kenyans who passed on.

Recently, DJ Hypnotic released a hip hop track where he featured Hip Hop Heavyweights Khaligraph Jones,  Lon Jon and Bwana Ngoma aka Ulopa. The song which has received good reviews from hip hop shows in local radio stations is set to change the hip hop landscape in Kenya. While talking to Hits not Homework, DJ Hypnotiq noted that he wants to focus on working with several hip hop artists to release mixtapes.

The song which is titled Dabo (Slang version of double), encourages every person to double up the effort of whatever they are doing. “If you are hustling, double up the effort. If you are working, double up the effort. We simply want to encourage people to double up the effort of whatever they are doing because they only have one life to live,” remarked DJ Hypnotiq while being interviewed by Hits not Homework.

Lon Jon who accompanied DJ Hypnotiq during the interview praised Khaligraph Jones work ethics. He added that he enjoyed working with him on Dabo and looks forward to many more collaborations with him.

In a quick rejoinder, Joe Muchiri, Hits not Homework producer commended the project as a good step in the right direction. He challenged Kenyan DJ’s to play more Kenyan music so that the industry can grow. He lamented that many Kenyan artists, especially hip hop guys put in the hours to release quality music. But it’s sad that Kenyan DJ’s prefers Nigerian music to Kenyan music. “Personally, I try to give new good music a platform in my show. I will fight for the industry until it grows. Let every artist who has good music to send them through to Hits not Homework. I know that Kenyans love Nigerian music, but Kenyan DJ’s can change that wave by playing Kenyan music back to back with those Naija songs,” lamented Joe Muchiri

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