CUEA adopts online voting for student leaders


online votingIt’s time for a change in leadership and as universities cast their votes, certain amendments have been made to improve the voting process to ensure transparency in the voting process.

Catholic University of East Africa has implemented an online voting platform that they hope will be used in their upcoming election. The university is said to go to ballot on the 9th of March 2016.

The online voting platform allows the student electorate to vote from anywhere with the only requirement being internet connection. The system has built by students from the department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science.

According to a post from the varsity official site, the online voting platform has unique features that should help improve and streamline the voting process.

Its important features include:

  • Security: Your personal data is sent and stored encrypted for extra security and privacy
  • Flexibility: You can vote from any device – Smartphone, Laptop, or Desktop
  • Intuit: Easy to use design

Students are advised to connect to to verify their details. If any problem arises students should visit the confirmation desk at the tent in the Lang’ata Main campus or in Upper campus.




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