How Creating Rapport With Your Boss Could Fast Track Your Career


A common question your colleagues could ask you, especially if you’re a new employee, is, ‘How is your relationship with the manager?’ Having a dented relationship with your boss could lead to a poor performance at work. It’s important to know that repetitive interactions with their bosses can boost their morale on their new jobs. Here’s is how to learn the most from your superiors:

First In Consideration
Employees who have great working relationships with their seniors will always be considered first in the event of an upcoming promotion. Your boss whom you consult often will remember you first and ultimately recommend you for the promotion. This is very different for someone else who has only talked to the manager twice in a month.

Your Boss Could Steer Your Career
Yes! That huge guy your colleagues seem to label “the bad guy” can turn out to be the best career mentor ever. Approaching your boss more often on work-related issues creates a rapport that could benefit you as you seek career advise.

Favorable Office Surrounding
It’s clear that if you have a bad relationship with your boss, you don’t feel comfortable in the working environment. Being in good terms with one’s boss will ensure you are at ease all the time. Keep your communication lines open. A healthy manager-employee working relationship is accompanied with open communication between them. Need to go on leave? Communicate in advance. Hoping to get an appraisal? Work closely with your superior to ensure your career is on the fast track to achieve great success.

The Corporate Ambassador Phenomenon
Feeling excluded from the it list? It’s the one spot many employees yearn for in the corporate world and many enter stiff competition in a bid to get into the exclusive club of the organization’s top employees. Some companies hire corporate ambassadors to promote their brands but with your everyday handshake with your boss, you could end up on that list without breaking a sweat.

This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Willie Blair.



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