How To Cope With Expectations As A Family’s First College Graduate


Majority of students in Kenyan colleges and universities come from either lower or middle class families. The fascination to attend university is filled with excitement and lots of  uncertainty as many true to measure up to parental expectations who expect nothing short of excellence from your studies.
However, it’s not always a direct soft swing for such students who are from a family that has never had anyone else in the higher level of learning.

The Pressure
The push is ever present from your parents/guardians, from the time you receive the admission letter from college, to that moment of graduation. The demands from your parents can be overwhelming. Though you may feel like you can’t afford to underperform at the institution, it is always important to maintain realistic goals even when faced with immense pressure.

Student Loans
They must be paid and there’s no escaping them. They must and always feature on your list of priorities. Besides hustling your way in the job market, the loan lingers in your mind as the next item on the list. It’s wise to call to mind that after exiting campus, the interest on such loans starts increasing annually.
Therefore, the sooner you commence to reimburse the easier it will be for you in the subsequent years. This is a better way of dipping the many burdens that lie in your future.

Supporting Siblings 
As a soon-to-be first generation graduate, a lot of responsibilities await you if your parents aren’t able to support your siblings. They need education, and chances are that a large portion of your first salary will prop their school fees. Always remember that you are probably your parents investment, any after you graduate, it is your turn to pay it forward.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Willie Blair.



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