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Confessions of a player



“My name is George Ameni. Friends from my outer circle call me Giorgio ‘Jonte’ Armani. I like wearing fitting Giorgio Armani suits. That’s where the nickname came from. My name George Ameni also sounds like Giorgio Armani so people found it easy to brand the name on me. Jonte came from John Terry, the Chelsea FC captain who has a remarkable reputation with women.  Friends of my inner circle call me ‘The Spanish Montana’. This is because when I bring a lady to my room, then smear her emotions with Alehandrian punch lines and conclude by playing Spanish tunes with my guitar to entertain her, she gets lost in my world.


At a relatively young age, I realized that I had above average looks and better luck than most of my peers. People liked me so much. I was bright and social. The first time I had sex was with the deputy principal back in high school. I did pretty well for my first time; as a result she always summoned me to her house to give her dose after dose of my magic wand. I was good in class already so she couldn’t repay the favor in academics. She gave me money instead. Loads of cash. I was the tycoon in our school.

Throughout my high school life, I was her little sex slave. She wasn’t the only one having me, but she thought so. I slept with five other girls my age and also the school nurse.  The deputy head teacher busted me with the school nurse when I was just about to finish fourth form. She cried like a baby and nearly expelled me but I asked her for forgiveness and gave her another dose then she forgave me.

Electric guitar

After high school, I started with Keisha, my neighbor. We had a sweet thing going until she discovered I had also slept with her sister. I then wooed Mary, the hottest girl in our hood. With time i got bored of her and started eyeing her friend. She dropped me after she found me kissing Yvonne, her best friend.

I then joined campus and changed the game. The policy was ‘ponyoka na fresha’ meaning fourth years and third years always got themselves fresh ladies who had just joined campus. My policy was ‘ponyoka na fourth year’. I identified Sheila, a dignified and decent fourth year lady. At first she proved elusive, but with my suits and persistence, she succumbed to my charms. She thought I was mature and responsible. Little did she know I was only after her ‘badoinkadoink’.  I hit it once and fled.

Martha was my friend’s girlfriend. She was too pretty that I disregarded all rules of friendship. I slept with her several times before my friend found out. My friend was big and muscular. He gave me a beating of a lifetime. I was hospitalized for three days and he was jailed for three days too. That experience taught me a lesson. ‘Wise men don’t get caught’. I was never caught again.

After the Martha incident, I had a series of one night stands almost every Friday for about six months. I picked ladies in clubs and gave them nights of orgasmic proportions. They always called back wanting more but I never picked their calls again. One night was one night. Rules weren’t supposed to be broken.


My idol was Antonio Cassano, the Italian footballer player who has slept with over 700 women and even wrote a book about it. I also admired the legendary Casanova; a player extraordinaire of the medieval times.  I loved my life and every detail of it. Their came a time I started feeling like a god, like I ruled the world.

Violet was a lady who claimed that she had infected me with HIV after I left her hanging. I freaked out and got tested like seven times. Luckily, I was clean. Then I met Rose and made her pregnant. When she broke the news to me, I denied. She had to abort and nearly died in the process.”

I took a brief deep breath then continued,

“So this is my story pastor. I am not even half way. I have lived a dirty life and I want to change. I heard that you have changed many young people’s lives. I have found a young nice lady here in church called Brenda and I love her very much. I can’t play her. But first allow me to tell you the rest of my story”

The pastor interrupted me as I was about to continue.

“Do you mean Brenda, the girl who also sings in the choir?” the pastor asked.

“Yes, I love her very much Sir.” I replied

The pastor seemed shocked.  He stayed silent for a while. Maybe he was astonished at the magnitude of my sins.  He then looked at me deep in the eye and spoke,

“Young man, I am glad you told me all that. You have been very open. There are experiences in life that bring us to our senses. Your confession has touched me. I also have a confession to make and may God forgive us both. I have slept with various members of the congregation including people’s wives. I have also slept with a few choir members including Brenda, the girl you are in love with now.”


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