Complex Relationships & Sex Pentagons Put Uni Students At Risk


Ever since I discovered the amount of fun one could have in Whatsapp and telegram I forgot all about Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook. Recent events, however, made me get back to that social media platform to feast my eyes on the posts by one Catherine S. Wanjiru on the Meru University Comrades forum.

Well, Catherine is basically a ghost because no one knows her identity. Nonetheless, she posted about the increasing spread of HIV in Meru University grabbing the attention of many.  Her post read:
“Rumors within MUST (Meru University of Science and Technology)  is that there is a rising rate of HIV spreading throughout the university, so far 34 freshmen ladies have been infected by the so called seniors when what they came to find in MUST was education. Funny enough some parrots here have the virus. We need to join hands to condemn fornication in MUST.”

I always find something funny in every situation but I couldn’t find it in that post. Everyone leaves home optimistic of the future and eager to learn. What happens along the way I don’t know. I used to think that the common vocabulary among comrades was “umefanya hiyo assignment?” I was wrong. The common vocabulary is “Umekula huyo dem?”

Besides sharing the same lecture halls and mess, students at the university share each other. Instead of love triangles, Generation X is forming love pentagons. Their relationships have become even more complicated, where it is commonplace to hear one say “my ex-girlfriend’s new ex-boyfriend has a girlfriend.”

There is a boatload of stories behind those two words (safe sex). I believe in the existence of all kinds of sex but there’s no safe sex, at least not from my point of view. Neither is there anything sexy about a condom. The free condoms provided for students, are they really free?

The 97% protection effectiveness is not a myth. But ever wonder what is on the other side of the remaining 3%? It’s reality. The reality of threesome experiments carried out behind closed doors. Many have come to realize that condoms are not after all bio-hazard suits as we’ve been lectured to believe.

If not respect for yourself then at least have a little fear. Fear is healthy, it helps you determine the risks that are worth taking. Or maybe you can turn to religion. It is the one thing that has kept many as virgins all this time. Though many are lashing out at Catherine, she’s acting in the best interest of those who don’t know what they are walking into.


After all if you are not infected then you are affected.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent John Obiayo.



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