Coming Soon: Yeezy Boost 1050 Boot


Kanye has previewed his new clothing line collection on his social media platforms which has the twitterverse  in a frenzy. Kanye is among the most successful artists with over 32 million albums sold and over 100 million downloads online. Also involved in music production, it is no surprise the rapper is widening his artistic scope as he ventures into fashion.

yeezy boot

No stranger to controversy, the award-winning rapper Kanye West has branched out into fashion. After his debut of Yeezy Season clothing line the catwalk in 2015 and later that year the second collection, Yeezy Season 2 hit the runway late last year during New York Fashion Week.


Kanye is said to drop his new album and the new clothing line of Yeezy gear this year. The 1050 collection is said to include waterproof boots, gloves and much more. Though many seem excited on Twitter as the anticipation builds on the new album and the exclusive, insanely, overprice clothing line is made available, it is likely that very few will get to own a pair of the highly coveted Yeezy 1050 boots.

Despite the excitement, a storm is brewing as Kanye took to twitter to make his opinion known as it is rumored that Kylie Jenner signed a deal with Puma. Kanye tweeted that the family will stay together. Kylie, Kanye’s sister in law has walked in Kanye’s shows and may have signed a 7 figure endorsement deal with Puma.yeezy tweet



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