How To Be Comedian Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi does it again!

The comedic genuis continues to make headlines for all the right reasons. The funny man has had his career grow from strength to strength with clever branding and even more creativity at new levels. This article is a quick guide on how to be Eric Omondi.


1.Seek Independence

Once a controversial move, Eric Omondi’s exit from the Churchill Comedy show is now seen as a brilliant way to transition into greatness. The abrupt exit left many fans confused as Kenya’s most entertaining twosome split. The show was a stepping stone for the young comedian and now Omondi’s brand continues to grow with brand endorsements to boot and a beautiful fiance on his arm.


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2.Remain Creative

One of the most admirable traits about Daystar University graduate Eric Omondi is his creativity. Always seeking to improve his act, the 30 year old jokster has made his creativity earn him lots of cash over the years. With parody webisodes frequently released, Omosh has found his niche and worked hard to improve it. Aspiring to polish his act, Erico is always striving for better.


3.Embrace New Media

As a comedian in the 21st Centuary, Erico did not wait for a television station to scoop up his act after leaving Churchill. Unlike his mentor, Eric uses new media popularising his act online via his Youtube Channel. Taking the reigns on his career and interracting directly with his fans, social media has changed the game for the performing arts and Omondi knows this all too well.



4.B**tch Be Humble

Humility is one key trait to making it big in the entertainment industry, any industry for that matter. Treat others with respect and make it a point to make friends on your raise to the top. Eric Omondi has little to no scandal and instead, he has created relationships that continue to benefit him.




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