Collymore urges students to focus on entrepreneurship

collymore and freida brown
Bob Collymore, CEO Safaricom with Freida Brow, VC USIU

Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore has urged USIU students to not only focus on trying to land jobs, but also seek out entrepreneurship opportunities in their various fields of study.


This comes at a time when there is an increase in youth unemployment in the country amidst commitment from the Jubilee Government to address the issue. Mr. Collymore emphasized that to be successful; one must learn to be an individual brand and effective communicator.



“Do not to underestimate the power of social networking in personal branding but also be wary of the consequences of it wrongful use. Today’s employers are increasingly looking through various social media sites to determine an individuals character that informs over and above ones degree pursuits,” said Collymore at the opening day of United States International University Career fair.


Prof. Freida Brown encouraged employers not to purely focus on the job seekers certification but to also pay attention to individual soft skills.


“In a competitive job market, USIU invests in ensuring that its graduates acquire skills that sensitize the students on various challenging social problems and to search for solutions through its community service program,” Prof.  Freida Brown stated.



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