CJ Maraga Takes Over Google, With Custom Google Extension


David Maraga may just be taking over our screens. The Chief Justice who made history on the 1st of September led the Supreme Court panel, that delivered the ruling nullifying the 2017 Presidential elections results. The results of that  decision are yet to be fully understood as the nation prepares for another election, but nontheless, the man who carried the day was CJ Maraga.

A Kenyan developer by the name Kariuki Marima developed a Google Chrome extension that pays homage to the historic figure. Upon close examination of the extension, Capital FM’s digital department has deciphered exactly how the extension works.

Capital FM’s Chris Wanjagi had this to say about the new development. “The Maragizer is a Chrome extension that changes all images to a picture of David Maraga. That means if you have a Google Chrome browser, you can add this extension and see it for yourself.”

I know what you’re asking. Why would anyone want to change all images to a picture of the Chief Justice? Good question but here’s an even better one. Why not?


Disclaimer: This extension is a total waste of time. But it will give you a good laugh.

Click here to test it out.



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