Christmas: Expectation vs Reality

Now that school is closed and with Christmas just a matter of hours, it’s time to spend time with family. Christmas season is a time for laughter and joy, rekindling your connection with family members after being away at school but sometimes your expectations do not coincide with the reality.


This is probably one of the most cherished aspects of being home on holiday.


Your mother’s specialty, whether it is soft chapati or aromatic pilau and biryani, we all look forward to that special meal. When Christmas time rolls up it is expected that the food will be a thousand times better compared to the canteen in college. Often imagined as a table laid out with all kinds of scrumptious foods and deserts to fill your heart’s desire. Christmas is the best excuse to eat more than you ever did, to the point that you are almost unable to move. Oh, such a merry Christmas, isn’t it?


The expectations of a plate overflowing with chapatti and biriyani and a side plate piled with cake and ice-cream are a mirage from the reality as you realize that your siblings served up everything good, leaving you with white rice and soup. Apart from Christmas day, where you might get that yummy food, the rest of the festive days will be marked with very ordinary food. Never mind the fact that you barely eat while in school because you would rather spend your money on partying, this situation is sad and no one deserves such a scenario when home.



Any time away from school is a time to enjoy a good night’s sleep or in most cases, throughout the night. We just want to recharge and enjoy time away from cramming sessions, class schedules and exams. When coming home, most of us expect a night of uninterrupted sleep, with several dreams that take you to a distant land.


Guests and family members from upcountry or abroad take over the house and actually getting a grasp of the uninterrupted sleep you long for is a myth. The constant calling and buzz around the house even as you just prepare to lay your head on the pillow is of no help either.

Beachside vacation


A time to collect your thoughts and enjoy some sports on the white sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast is a time we all look forward to. This is probably the best end to the year with a large hotel bed and a breakfast buffet that ensures you have gained more than enough weight to loose in the next year. The setting is perfect to meet cute guys as you lounge by the pool while catching up on some light reading before the new semester takes up all the time you have.


As soon as you land to the coastal paradise, you are appointed caregiver to all your younger siblings. With little or no time for yourself, you longingly stare at the guy lounging by the pool while you seat with your younger brother as he draws a stick figure with crayons for 2 hours.

I hope that as you pack your bags for the Christmas holidays that your expectations match up to the reality of the festive season ahead.

Nevertheless, whether or not your expectations will be met, enjoy the holidays!

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