Chris Kirubi Shares Tips On How To deal With Njaanuary Blues


Self -made Kenyan millionaire Chris Kirubi appeared on the popular show Wicked Edition highlighting the common financial woes most Kenyans experience in January. In the show, hosted by Dr. King’ori the businessman shared his tips on how to deal Njaanuary Blues. Though the month of Njanuary is always a hurdle for many, applying these simple financial principles could help anyone have a better standing come January 2018.


Here are some of DJ CK’s top tips to keep away the Njaanuary Blues.


1.Don’t spend more than you earn

Many have the habit of spending more than they make. This leaves many in debt, a never-ending cycle of borrowing Peter to pay Paul. There is a need to be aware of your income and your expenses.  Keep track of your expenditure and ensure you spend within your means. Trying to keep up appearances only leaves in deep debt, with loan sharks in close pursuit.  With extreme measures taken to pay debts including giving away a wife as payment to settle a debt, the principle of living within your means, could save someone lots of trouble.


2.Do not lend to friends

For the sake of your friendships,  do not lend to friends. Loaning money to family and friends without a clear repayment plan could have you never receiving payment and worst still, it could lead to the disintegration of your friendship. It is important to preserve the aspects of your life that matter most to you. Lending to friends and family never ends well.


3. Use your talents to explore opportunities

Every person possesses talents. To make the most of these talents, one must explore opportunities that can earn them a living. Learning about what talents you may have is the beginning of leveraging them, to attain financial freedom. According to Chris Kirubi it is time for Kenyans to “create their own opportunities.” To lift yourself from your current life, one must work hard and apply their talents for their benefit.


4. Plan Ahead and Save

According to industrialist Kirubi, ” if you plan to go on holiday in December, start saving in January…”. Kirubi highlighted the importance of getting rid of dead weight, those who expect you to pay for their expenses. Avoid perpetuating the “sponsor” mentality and instead, save and invest in your future plans.  It just might be time to dump the girlfriend who always expects the man to pay, instead, Dr. DJ CK encourages men to “find a cheaper girlfriend.”






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