Chris Brown Slammed by Vanessa Carlton on Women’s Day


March 8th, is the International Women’s Day, a day set aside to commemorate the movement for women’s rights.

While millions of women across the world took their time to celebrate the Day, a good number gathered to strike and protest while marking the day in various countries on Thursday, 8, 2018, for instance, trains took a standstill in Spain as female workers went on the country’s first ‘feminist’ strike.

In Kenya, various events around the country were held seeking to take stock of the gains made in the quest for gender equality as well as what else needs to be done to ensure women have equal access to health, wealth and education.

On the same day, Chris Brown took to Instagram to post the music video for Vanessa Carlton’s hit dubbed “A Thousand Miles,” adding that the song is “lit forever.” However, Vanessa was not pleased in any way, especially considering the timing of the since-deleted post which came on International Women’s Day. Vanessa responded by posting a statement on her Instagram account that read, “Today Chris Brown posted my video. I am now being repeatedly tagged to his account. Being that today is International Women’s Day I feel compelled to draw a line. I support survivors not perpetrators of domestic violence. I do not want to be associated with an artist that has assaulted women on a day like today. Thank you. #internationalwomensday.”

Interestingly, Chris Brown didn’t fight back, instead, he popped in with a positive response in a post that read, “I posted a song that was and still is a great song and the artist felt she was doing her duty as a WOMAN to continue to spread this kind of hatred today. I won’t keep it up long. I just hope she knows she is loved and her song is great.”



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