Chips funga lifestyle the order for students


No, we are not talking about the other ‘chips funga,’ sorry to disappoint you. Though that is also quite rampant in Campo. This is about how a diet of chips and sausages plus heavy consumption of alcohol is slowly but steadily becoming the staple food for a majority of students, as Sidi Garama found out through a survey.


Our lifestyle choices seem to take a backseat when we join campo. For most students, it’s the first time they are leaving outside their parent’s home, meaning we have all the freedom we have craved. ‘Constant nagging’ by our folks gives way to peer advice and trends.


The first casualty of this freedom and new lifestyle is usually our health. Having observed the number of students buying chips and sausages for lunch, I set out to find out the extent to which students are indulging in fast food and alcohol through a survey.


The survey included questions like; How often to do eat chips or other fried foods?, How often do you exercise?, How often do you eat fruits, vegetables, and greens?


The findings were a bit shocking; 92percent said that they ate fried foods on a weekly basis.  The consumption of alcohol proved to be quite high as well, with 68 percent saying they drink alcohol on a weekly basis. 7 percent of them said they drink alcohol every day.


When answering how much alcohol one could consume, the answers varied from 2-3 beers to 9 glasses of wine, to “mzinga”.  More than half (62%) of the people who drank alcohol confessed that their alcohol tolerance had increased after joining university.


However, there were some positive aspects to this survey. Everyone who did the survey ate vegetables and greens on a regular basis.  95 percent of the respondents exercised at least twice a week, with 46 percent exercising every day.


Although the students know the benefits of pursuing a healthy lifestyle, most still take chances with their health. Good habits are learned over time and the sooner you start, the better it is for you.  Your lifestyle choices today will affect you in the long run, so why not make choices that will benefit you?


Drink lots water, eat your fruits and vegetables, exercise, and keep your intake of junk food on the down low.  We do not need an obesity epidemic in Kenya.  Let us strive to be healthy people.


But allow me to enjoy this cake just for the last time, promise.



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