China bars Canadian beauty queen from participating in Miss World Contest


Lin Miss Canada

Anastasia Lin, a 25-year-old actress and the current Miss Canada will not be part of the 110 beauty queens contesting for the Miss World Contest in China. Lin was denied Visa by the Chinese embassy in Ottawa without explanation. Apparently, Ms Lin has been critical of China’s human rights record and Beijing might have seen her as a ‘persona non grata’.

Not to be cowed easily, Lin quietly traveled to Hong Kong with a plan to get a Visa on arrival in the main land but Chinese authorities found out and barred her from leaving Hong Kong to China. She started #AfraidOfABeautyQueen after she posted on Twitter that she had been denied entry into China.

“I was told I was not welcome in the country anymore. I am not welcome to the place I was born,” Lin told Fairfax Media.

Lin moved to Canada as an immigrant when she was a teen and has been vocal about her convictions and her religion – Falun Gong – which China considers as an ‘evil cult’.

Lin missed the finals of the pageant on 23rd November but she remains optimistic that things will change in future.



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