Childish Gambino avoided the internet for fear of criticism


Childish Gambino avoided the internet after the release of ‘This Is America’.

The 34-year-old actor and singer – whose real name is Donald Glover – logged off for a while after his music video went viral as he is “really sensitive” about negative comments.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he explained why he choose to stay away from the internet.

Meanwhile, Adele previously confessed she is amazed by Childish Gambino’s “greatness.”

Taking to her Instagram account, after her ‘Titanic’-inspired birthday bash, she shared:

Donald has also been in the studio with Chance the Rapper, working on “amazing” music.

Asked about whether he has been working with Donald, he said: “We perpetuated that rumor for a long time without recording anything. We did link up in Atlanta and record some tracks and … they’re amazing.”



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