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Characteristics of Team Mafisi



Back in my high school days, I used to be a notorious player. While my peers were still amateurs and fumblers in the game of seduction, I was a god. I had an annoying hobby of seducing other guys  girlfriends. My habits changed after I was mercilessly beaten by a multi-pound student from our hood. I had managed to successfully seduce his wonder of a girlfriend and in return he managed to mercilessly beat me up with the help of his friends.  I was admitted at the hospital for two days with bruises and a swollen arm. My parents were ready to take the matter to the police but the boy’s parents were reasonable enough to settle the matter out of the cells.


No one can beat me up now. I’m more mature and totally against Team Mafisi behavior. This is an all-out assault.  Team Mafisi consists of guys who treat women in a no holds barred manner, guys with uncontrollable appetite. They have lust that has a touch of cruelty to it. Members of this team also possess heaps of misdemeanors. Somehow, they achieve their goals but through long and tedious ways. Here are their most common characteristics; consider this as the Fisi Alert Message. (FAS)


Inboxing chics on Facebook

Fishing girls out of Facebook is their top hobby. Whenever a girl updates something naughty or posts a lovely picture, they jump in with comments, each one of them trying hard to outshine the other. They also love scanning (stalking) profiles of pretty ladies then post on their walls. Most gorgeous women get their inboxes flooded with messages from hungry suitors. Approach from these guys is usually predictable and foolish; hence they end up receiving a collection of insults. Some end up being blocked but don’t give up.  Rejection is a professional calamity that they are used to. They keep trying until they hit the lottery. A good number are masters of sex chats and phone sex but when it comes to the field of play, they overwhelmingly under perform.


Staring and ogling

I still don’t understand the magical intertwine between KU chics, lovely boobs and lovely legs. Damn! Nearly all of them have boobs and legs that you would fantasize about. It’s always okay to appreciate from a distance or even give the lady a complement for her marvelous fixed assets but it is ungentlemanly to stare at a lady’s boobs while talking to her. Team Mafisi don’t mind this behavior. In fact, it comes natural to them, most don’t know they ogle. Their eyes see beyond skirts and tops. There are always polite formulas that can be applied in staring but Team Mafisi analyze all the parts in women, from face to ass. They then go on to create discussions, illusions and fantasies that shall never be realized.


Chips fungaing chics

It seems this heartless behavior won’t end anytime soon. These guys chips funga ladies, then make them leave very early next morning. If you are going to take a lady to your room, at least treat her well. Make the night memorable for her. Instead these guys come up with a bunch of lies like, “My daddy said he’ll visit me at 8 in the morning” or ‘’I have a CAT at 7’’. A good number of them will just order the chic to leave, plain and simple. All this occurs after they have unleashed all their animalistic styles and beastly aggressiveness in the name of sex.


Investing less and demanding more

A Team Mafisi guy is the kind of guy who will take a chic to Ruwenzori prefabs at KU, cook for her ugali sukuma then expect to make love to her the whole day and night.  Ladies are special and delicate beings who need to be fondled and pampered, even if it’s just for a day or night. Team Mafisi spend most of their time trying to impress women rather than focusing on actions that will draw women to them.


No respect for bro code

Guys value the bro codes. These codes are unwritten, universal rules that guys understand and respect; like not hitting on your pals girlfriend or on a chic he has a crush on. However, Team Mafisifi completely disregard these rules. People’s wives and girlfriends are also not spared. Slicing is the name of the game. There are taboos against certain ventures in the dating world. For example, you shouldn’t date your lecturer, or your friend’s mother or a woman old enough to be your mother.



A Team Mafisi guy is the kind of guy that will forego revising for an exam that is due in an hour’s time in order to have a quickie. I would label them as negotiators too. They spend hours negotiating for sex; precious time of their lives that they will never get back. They give ladies plenty of time for doubts and second thoughts hence end up being denied the P from time to time. We real niggas never negotiate for sex; we look for the perfect moment to initiate it. Yes I said it.

Sharing a room with a member of Team Mafisi is an absolute blunder. You will be sexiled several times a week and every female you bring into the room will be hit on. Sex is their number one priority. Of course sex is always a necessary priority but it should never be put as number one in a strong mind.

Hence my parting words; never underestimate the role of vanity in love and seduction. If you seem impatient, champing at the bit for sex, you signal that it is all about libido, and that it has little to do with the target’s own charms. That is why you must defer the climax. A well-calculated courtship will feed the target’s vanity, and will make the effect of your bold move all the more powerful and enduring.

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