#CareerClimb: Samuel Wanjohi receives Riverwood Academy Award nod

Young filmmaker Samuel Wanjohi has been nominated in the Riverwood Academy Awards for the ‘Best Documentary’.

The Kenya Institute of Mass Communication graduate is an award-winning filmmaker and director now nominated for the Riverwood Academy Awards 2018. With a wealth of experience in film production; Wanjohi’s work has previously gained the attention of industry heads and peers alike. Feted in 2017 at the Kalasha International Film & TV Awards, he won the “Best Diaspora Production” award for his short film ‘Born This Way’ (2016). Some of his previous works include ‘The Last Egg’ (2016) an experimental short film, ‘Visible’ (2016) short film and ‘Mission’ (2016) short film. As part of the Capital FM family, Samuel shares his passion for videography and storytelling.

When asked what he hopes for his work, Samuel quotes Hayao Miyazaki saying, “My hope for the films I make is to not only receive global recognition in festivals but also to play the important role of stimulating, amazing and inspiring any audience that gets to sit and watch my work, which is the power of storytelling.”

His gift for storytelling is evident in his most recent work “Imara.” The biopic feature nominated for the ‘Best Documentary’ is the fifth production from Wanjohi.   The heart-wrenching production tells of an athlete’s resilience and hope as the doc’s title suggests. The production has also been previously nominated as a finalist in 2017 in the My Rode Reel Film Competition. The uplifting story was shot in the heart of the Rift Valley with a crew of two; Samuel and his assistant. Keen to share the story of Samuel Mwangi, a young professional Kenyan cyclist who overcame tragedy, hopes the film highlights the resilient spirit of Kenya’s athletes. In the same category are the productions “Flesh Business,” “One Foot Ahead,” and “Roller Skating.”

To vote for Samuel’s touching production “Imara” click here.

Voting closes on Wednesday 12th September.

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