#CareerClimb: 6 Phases of career development you should know


Progression in your career begins after graduation- a time when you’re ripe and full of vigor to start the ultimate job hunt. Here are the stages of career development that are essential to building your career:

Phase 1: Career Assessment
At this point in your career, you may not be focused on any particular career straight after graduation. Your main priority is making ends meet. Millions of choices lie before you but selecting the right one, that suits you best is a difficult choice.

Phase 2: Career Investigation
“What would you like to be when you grow up?” Your parents, teachers may have asked you this question several times while growing up. Your response might be different now. After rummaging through numerous job sites and gaining some experience from working with some organizations, your self-awareness levels shoot up and lock onto the right target.

Phase 3: Career Preparation
In the wild, after a lion has identified its target, a strategy is required to make the kill. At this point, you may have identified your career, but you need the right tools.Additional skills and knowledge could help you make the best of career opportunities coming your way.

Phase 4: Career Development
Being fully devoted to something takes discipline and commitment. But when you love it, the effort and cost incurred are worth it. For a postgraduate who has pinpointed accounting as their career focus (even though he/she may have graduated with a B.A in Education), the need to create more networks and go back to class to gain more knowledge arises.

Phase 5: Promotion
At this point, you have acquired the skills, knowledge and right attitude regarding your career. The pay is great and you make top managerial decisions. Don’t get too comfortable with the new position. Update your skills as you build and expand your professional networks.

Phase 6: Transition
At the peak of your career and years of service delivery, the thought of making a shift could arise. You might consider transitioning to a new industry or pursuing other interests. Always make a carefully considered decision.



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