#CareerClimb: 3 ways to stop procrastinating


Procrastination could be the one thing holding you back from greatness.

Whether you are in school or in the process of establishing your business, procrastination could be the reason why you are yet to rise to your full potential.  Procrastinating just shows how little of self-control you have over yourself.
But how do you deal with procrastination? Here are three ways that will get you through it;

1. Acknowledge you procrastinate
No one will judge you. We all have struggled with self-motivation at some point. The problem is becoming a daily procrastinator. You tell yourself you have time until there is no time. Acknowledge and accept the fact that you procrastinate. Identifying the problem is the first step to finding a solution.

2.Understand why you procrastinate
One of the obvious reasons you lack self-motivation is because you might just be lazy or just not feeling the task at hand at the moment. Another reason could be, you could be prioritizing less important matters over more significant tasks. Whether you might lack the excitement for a certain task or may be tired, it is key to identify your reason, so you could understand why you procrastinate as often as you do.

3. Come up with strategies to beat procrastination
One step at a time. Maybe you can start by prioritizing your work. Also, develop mechanisms to keep you motivated to see all your tasks to completion. Have something you look forward to after the task. It could be a reward or learning something new. Minimize your distractions at all costs because commitment counts to ensure you finish the task.

Procrastinating is a horrible habit. Doing tasks when you have enough time to protects you from last-minute pressure and anxiety. The end product is always something you can be proud of. You can always beat procrastination.



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