#CareerClimb: 3 Ways to tell your boss is not giving you that promotion


You have been a passionate employee in a firm for over two years. You have learned and fully understood the working environment, which includes your job’s responsibilities and the duties you perform towards the betterment of the company. Then a casual thought strikes your mind, “I think I’m ready for a promotion.” As you ponder over it, you decide to approach your boss the following day, probably during lunch break when he/she is not busy.

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You openly present the idea, wholly disclosing the reasons for your much-deserved promotion. You cite the experience you have gained, and how the added knowledge from those evening classes have led towards your career development. He calmly glares at you, gives a nod to show comprehension and then says, “I’ll look into it.”

Everybody lies, not just politicians. Your boss is no different. Sometimes what employees ask for cannot be implemented right away. To avoid the problem of directly upsetting employees, bosses will lie to them in an effort to keep them ‘focused on the job’, which is all they want.

Here are 3 ways to tell that your boss is not giving you that promotion:

1.Elusive Bosses

When someone doesn’t want to grant you something, they tend to be very cagey with every bit of conversation they have. Some topics are never mentioned while conversing. For your job appraisal linked to a pending promotion, he may quickly diverge the talk to a completely different topic. The boss doesn’t want to tell you that your request can’t be looked into at that particular time or is a NO!

2.Unusual Body Language  

This ranges from maintaining eye-contact to acting fidgety. Fidgeting is a sign that your boss is lying, the uneasiness comes with an understanding that he may/will never fulfill your earlier requests and/or demands. Sometimes this can be very difficult to maintain especially when he’s been non-committal to employee requests.

3.The Boss Doesn’t Remember Your Request(s)

A quick reminder about the promotion you had discussed earlier sends him in a state of de-linkage, a clear indication that he may have forgotten about the discussion the two of you had. Accompanied by frantic responses of phrases like “…uh!” ”…really?” or”…please remind me” which shows that he never bothered to put the request to scrutiny with the management to see if it is viable.

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