#CareerClimb : 3 Characters to be weary of during an interview


I went for my first job interview a few weeks ago. I was thrilled and excited about it. I remember opening tabs on my laptop that gave tips on how to ace an interview. I watched tutorials on how to answer frequently asked questions in an interview. Questions such as: ‘Tell me about yourself? How much you want to be paid? What are your weaknesses and strengths?”

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Over and above various interview techniques, there are different types of people you are likely to meet in a job interview. In most interviews, the interviewees are usually asked to wait at the waiting lounge before their turn to be interviewed. A lot happens in this room. The silence and body language that people portray does all the talking. There is an aura people usually unearth that tells a lot about them without even conversing with them.

1. The Intimidator
Have you ever gone to an interview and you felt intimidated by a fellow interviewee? Whether it is the way they dress or in the way they have dense resumes that look like the Roman scrolls, they tend to make you feel less deserving of the job opportunity. They brag about how they are conversant in using certain software or they are really good in certain skills. One needs to be very careful about such people because they can brainwash you to forget your worth. Remind yourself, that you are well-deserving for the job and the reason why you got the interview invite is that your potential employer saw something that caught his attention in your resume.

2. The Chatter Box
These are people who talk as though they are being paid. They talk a lot and they brag about how they know about the company. One needs to ignore such people because they can give you wrong facts about the company and spoil your chance to win in an interview. Ensure you have also done a thorough background check on the organization to avoid being gullible.

3. The Egoistic
There are people who have an ego bigger than themselves. Their demeanor radiates rudeness and pride that is nauseating. They brag about how they know the directors of that specific organization or how they know people or how a given organization is for their uncle. They will rub it on your face that you don’t have a chance since blood speaks louder than the words on your resume. However, one needs to keep calm and remain confident. As long as you remain confident in what you can offer to a given company or organization, let no one dim your light.

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What other types of people have you met in a job interview?



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