Career: Job applicant presents an unusual resume to land dream job

Rappers having a hip hop music concert with microphones

A man landed his dream job by sending a rap video instead of a cover letter.

Chase Zreet pulled out all the stops to impress New York advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy for the account position with fizzy drinks brand Sprite.

Rather than a traditional paragraph about his capabilities, Chase instead decided to film an animated music video of him rapping on a hoverboard, which he says was inspired by hip-hop star Vince Staples.

And he certainly impressed the team as they offered him the job.

Chase told AdWeek: “The idea for a rap came and was just one of those things that wouldn’t shut up.” Chase will now start his new job in April. Wieden+Kennedy’s creative director Jimm Lasser commented: “There’s too much emphasis put on portfolios and not enough on the creative enthusiasm of a candidate.”

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