Career guidance site launched



Deciding which course to take in college is one of the toughest decisions young people have to make after secondary school. Very few students leave school sure of which course to pursue since only a few secondary schools have taken the challenge of organizing career days. With the increasing number of universities and colleges most young people are often at crossroads on which college to go to and which course to take.

To fill this knowledge gap, Gradstate (an online education directory) has launched an online magazine dedicated to providing career and education information to young people to help them in career choices. The new site, GradstateMaisha (, will feature information about various courses including duration of the courses, careers available for each course and even gives examples of prominent people who took up specific courses.

“The aim is to provide a link between the courses that you study at college or university and the careers available to you after graduation,” said Gradstate Director Alex Mureti.

To add more to this, the online magazine also lists local universities providing the courses.

“We believe that by giving examples of successful, famous people that have studied these courses, the youth will feel more encouraged to follow their dreams of achieving success in their chosen areas of study,” notes MrMureti.

The launch of the online magazine comes months after the company launched their online education portal. The website has signed various universities including Daystar University, University of Nairobi, St. Paul’s University, Riara University, PAC University among others. The portal lists various courses from the universities and enables prospective students to compare the courses before applying online on the same portal.



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