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Career Choice: Through the eyes of an of an eye doctor


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One thing you notice about Albert Muteru is that he blinks less compared to the average man.

“How will you notice an eye tremor in a patient if you make blinking a hobby?” he answers to my curiosity. Muteru is an eye specialist/ophthalmologist at the Chandaria ENT & Eye clinic, Mathari Consolata Hospital.

His job revolves around prevention of blindness, treatment of eye condition, eye rehabilitation and life adaptation for the blind. In particular, the able team at Consolata put emphasis in Life adaptation for people who have recently turned blind.

“When one turns blind as an adult, it becomes very stressful and can often lead to suicidal thoughts,” Muteru says.

“If there is nothing we can do about the condition to avert blindness we normally put the person under a program where he/she is counseled on how to continue with life in spite of the blindness”

He adds that some of the life adaptation skills that patients are imparted with are use of props and walking stick, use of other senses and also accepting one’s new condition. He elaborates some of the eye condition that can cause blindness as allergies, cataracts, eye trauma, and complications from diabetes as well as refraction disorders among others.

“My day entails attending to clerical work like signing forms and writing letters in the morning, honouring committee meetings, if they are any, and then devoting the rest of my day to seeing and attending patients.”

Muteru explains that his biggest joy and motivation comes when he successfully treats a serious condition.

“I get some sense of fulfillment when I avert blindness.”

To be an ophthalmologist one needs first to qualify as a medical doctor or clinical officer and then specialize on eye care.

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