Campus ladies are a distraction – JKUAT student leader

Erick Jomo-JKUSO
If you are a single campus lady eyeing Jomo Kenyatta University Students Organisation (JKUSO) President, then we can authoritatively confirm that your dreams are invalid. Erick Jomo, the new JKUSO chair says he does not have time for distracters.
“This is the time to serve comrades. I do not want distraction. I am single and not searching,” he told Capital Campus after winning the hotly contested October 28 student election at JKUAT.
The 22 year old is a first timer in campus politics and says top on his agenda is to restore the confidence of JKUAT students in leadership.
But its under the new leadership that JKUAT has experienced its first strike in almost 10 years over the administrations plan to lock out students who hadn’t cleared the fees. The strike came days after the Erick and his team came into power.  s
Erick, who declined to reveal how much the election cost him, agrees that he has a tough future ahead after the university was closed indefinitely on Nov. 1. “I know the road is rough, but we shall make it,” he told Capital Campus.
The October 28 election brought down curtains on Meimuna Said’s campus politics career. The conservative lulu was the former Vice Chair and had thrown her hut in the presidential race but was disqualified days before Elections.
“Over the years, students believe that leaders get to office to loot. I am coming to office with new things,” he added.


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