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Campaigns mark Breast Cancer Awareness month


So we can’t end Breast Cancer Awareness month without casting the spotlight on some of the really cool awareness campaigns that have been going on throughout October.

Barbie image

Bald Barbie

Before you roll your eyes and click off, no, this isn’t an excuse to show Barbie images on this site. I thought the bald Barbie was pretty cool because it took an (arguably) beloved character and put her right at the forefront of the campaign – by showing what she would look like were she to battle this disease. It shows solidarity with girls coping with hair loss due to cancer treatments, which may sound silly to those of us on the outside of the disease looking in, but I’m sure is greatly appreciated by those going through the difficult time.

 twakutukuza trust

Twakutukuza trust

Closer to home is the Twatukuza Trust (Twa), which holds their Annual Concerts in October to raise funds for those affected by cancer. This is their biggest fundraising event, where they collect money for their charity which enables them to offer emotional and financial support to those who need it, along with their families.

The event, which was held at Braeburn School this past weekend, featured performances by Atemi Oyungu, Charles Righa, Nikko Ochieng, Enid Moraa, Wanja Wohoro, Lisa Oduor-Noah, Pete Odera and Kambua Mathu. Tickets were available for purchase at various stores, online and via mpesa for the concert that was held from Friday October 25th to Sunday October 27th. Funds raised help patients receive the treatment they need, so make a point of attending their next concert in October.


Lastly, a campaign that I personally feel every woman needs to watch is one that contradicts the popular belief that the only sign of Breast Cancer is the presence of a lump in the breast.

The woman in the video holds up various cards to her chest that depict the various ways in which breast cancer appears in different women, from breasts with dimples, skin like orange peels, crusty or leaking nipples to inward turned nipples. It’s not just lumps that are a sign of breast cancer, but a whole array of symptoms that one needs to be aware of in order to go know when to go get checked. Remember that the earlier it is detected, the easier (and cheaper) it is to treat so if you notice any changes in your breasts, you need to see a doctor immediately.

So Don’t Get Scared – Go Get Checked. It just might save your life.

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