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Business major student leads Daystar’s news team

Joseph Mathenge speaking during re-launch of Involvement



Through sheer determination and passion for writing, a Business major has worked through the ranks at Daystar’s University Involvement newspaper to become the Managing Editor, a position that has been the preserve of a Communications major.


Joseph Mathenge, an accounting and Business Logistic major student, leads a team of 20 communications students that run the student newspaper. Joseph’s passion for writing drove him to apply as a business writer at Involvement in his second year. He was given the go ahead, despite not having done News reporting and Writing as a course unit.


“I had to create a rapport with the then editors and they agreed to give me a chance,” said Joseph. But before he joined the editorial team, Joseph had to be vetted by a panel of editors, lectures and a staff member from the corporate affairs office. The panel liked his idea of starting a business column and since then he has never looked back.


Joseph has grown from just being a writer, to a graphics editor and now the managing editor, a post he appreciates. In his tenure at the Involvement office, he has acquired management skills, handling editorial pressure, meeting deadlines and handling different people.


Joseph says his role at Involvement has been the most fulfilling and enjoyable period during his time at Daystar. “I have enjoyed interacting with people and the staff who are also my fellow students,” he says.


As the Managing Editor, Joseph has had his own share of challenges especially handling the non-performing staff. Fortunately he has not come to that extent where he has been forced to fire anyone.


Involvement Team



His worst experience, however, was when he emailed the wrong newspaper issue to the press only to realize his mistake after 3,000 copies had been printed and delivered to the University. He had to explain to the patron, staff and the audience.


Joseph oversaw the relaunch of Involvement Newspaper as it celebrated its 23rd anniversary last week. Managing the event had its own share of pressure but at the end of it, it was an awesome feeling with the great feedback.


He aspires to exercise his managing skills in the near future, either in the media or business industry. He also hopes to be self employed soon enough.


His advice; “Never have boundaries on what you can do, every human being has been given equal opportunities, it’s up to you to explore and put it into use.”


The Involvement Newspaper relaunched its website alongside the print version.



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