Broke, hungry men love bigger breasts compared to satisfied men – Study



The typical man’s fascination with breasts is intriguing to say the least. It remains a mystery why (straight) men go blank and speechless when they see a pair of boobs. Why are guys obsessed with the bulbous bags of fat from women’s chests? Endless psychological and physiological studies have been done but no one finding exclusively comes with an answer as to why men love breasts.


But one study has taken another angle to this men-breast relationship: Why do some men love big breasts while others are comfortable with less than average busts? Well, its because women with bigger busts appear ‘endowed’ and show ‘resources’ – factors that may allure to men with relative scarce resources, according to a study published on psychology today.


Bigger bosom is a blessing

Psychologists Viren Swami and Martin Tovee put their theory to the test by recruiting 266 men in Malaysia that varied in socioeconomic status.

“The participants were shown a series of five animated female figures that varied only in terms of breast size, and asked to rate them in terms of attractiveness,” states the psychology journal.

What were the findings? Apparently, men with a low socioeconomic status rated bigger breasts as more attractive than did middle-class men who in turn had a higher rating for big bosoms compared to men at the top of the socioeconomic ladder. Of course preferences are cultural so it would be interesting to have the same study in Africa and compare the results.


Hungry man needs some comfort

The second study sought to give credence to the scarcity/surplus theory by examining male university students at different times. These men were asked to participate in the study as they entered or exited campus dining halls during dinner. 66 students were shown the same animated female figures before they eat while another 58 students were subjected to the same experiment after dinner. The results showed the hungry men preferred bigger breasts substantially more than the satiated group.

“The second study was based on alternate evolutionary perspective on breast size, which maintains that it is a signal of a woman’s capacity to bear and nurture children,” explains the study by the psychologists.

Interestingly, another online study showed men that are not interested in fathering kids in the near future prefer smaller breasts.




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