Bro Ocholla reaps the fruits of Roho ‘Mtaka Vitu’


Imagine chatting with a lady, in a rather sensual manner but then you get confused in the process? You then send that message to your bible study group who then decides to ‘expose’ the sin literally.



No one understands that predicament better than one brother Ocholla. This morning, he tasted the bitter fruits of confusion in a case of roho mtakavitu taking over. After his chat was leaked to the public through a screen shot, the internet went into a frenzy to mock the man who had so much faith in his voice and believed that it do miracles and wonders.


Kenyans on Twitter are known to turn any serious matter into humor. And they roasted poor Ocholla.


Corporates were not left behind either in the bandwagon. They jumped on it instantly milking whatever publicity came from the trend. While others were outrightly genius, some brands did not pass a relevant message using the trend.



What would you do if you were in the shoes of brother Ocholla?



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