Bra 101: A college woman’s secret arsenal #PinkBig



The right basics lay the foundation on how good you feel and how great you look in a t-shirt or a dress. College is a time when young women come into their own, learning to embrace who they are and getting to know who they want to be. This October, as we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month, it important to start getting screened even at a young age because good health should never be taken for granted.

The right bra for the right occasion is a secret weapon every woman should have in her arsenal. The wrong bra can cause an embarrassing mishap that may live with you forever.  I learnt a few things from my mother; I thought I should share a few top secrets that keep women looking great even as they age. Being a voluptuous woman myself, I think that the woman’s body is something to be celebrated, so be sure to present yourself appropriately with these tips.


The first thing and undoubtedly the most important is to get measured to get to know your size. The right fitting is essential to getting the right shape. We also need to know the difference between bras with underwire and those without.  If you do have a full chest, underwire bras are important in providing support and shape.

We also need to explore the different kinds of bras and when they are appropriate. The first one which almost everyone should have is the full coverage bra. This bra is your go-to-bra because it looks great under anything whether it be a dress or simple t-shirt. This bra offers the most support especially for women with a large bust. It is similar to a t-shirt bra that has no visible seams.

The balconette bra is a pushup bra that gives the wearer a great shape and lift. It is similar to the demi bra. This bra is similar to the bra worn by pin up girls. It lifts and gives the appearance of a full bust. This is great for a scoop neck dress. Another bra that every woman should have is the plunge bra. This bra keeps the girls in check with the emphasis on bust shape and form of cleavage, perfect of plunging neck lines in v-neck tops and dresses.

There are new designs coming up every day and one of the more recent popular bras is the multi-way bra. This is a blessing to many women because of its versatility. The bra can be converted into a strapless bra, halter neck or even racer back bra. I would recommend every young woman to have one of these multi way bras handy because it’s varied functionality. It is very useful and can be worn on various occasions.



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