Boston University working on a ‘Matrix’ machine-brain data transfer

Just like in the movie, ‘The Matrix’, where Keanu Reeves gets new martial art skills by receiving new knowledge by plugging his brain to a machine, it may be possible to upload data directly to the brain from a machine, if a group of scientists from Boston University get a break-through.

According to, a study published late last year suggests that the learning process can be boosted, and without the learner even being aware of it. The scientists even coined a name for the technique: ‘Decoded neurofeedback’

But as one professor put it: “The concept is not totally implausible. I suggest that you check back in a couple of hundred years,” said Prof. Bruce McNaughton, a neuroscientist at the University of Lethbridge, Canada.

As Boston University scientists look for ‘The Matrix’ solution, they are also researching on other effective ways of learning. Meanwhile, let’s stick to the process we are used to: Cramming.

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