#BookWorm: 3 books where comedians trade in mics for pens


Comedians are known to provide entertaining yet critical commentary on the hallmarks of society. With a funny, delightful approach to the mundane occurrences of life, many comedians come from difficult pasts and triumph to find success. The books written by these comedians are often full of great nuggets of wisdom.

Here are a couple of comedians who gave up the mic stand for a pen to share a few life lessons.

3. Jimmy O. Yang – How to American: An Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents

The book released in March 2018, addresses the troubles a creative faces in rebelling against societal norms and instead, of chasing their dreams. The narrative is an exposition of Jimmy O. Yang’s struggle life as a comedian and the pressure he faced from his immigrant family to get a “serious” job. 30-year-old Yang was born in Hong Kong but later migrated to the United States at the age of 13. After his debut in the small screen in 2 Broke Girls, Yang’s career has grown to new heights. Jimmy features as one of Silicon Valley’s breakout stars plays “Jian-Yang” in Silicone Valley and is set to feature in a couple of movies including “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Life of the Party” set to debut in the big screen later in 2018.

For any creative, this book offers many lessons on hard work, focus as well as perseverance.

2.Tiffany Haddish- The Last Black Unicorn

The book released in late 2017, is a collection of essays based on personal experiences that Haddish overcame. The stand-up comedian only recently found success after a role on the television show”If Loving You Is Wrong.”  The breakout star of 2017 box office hit “Girl’s Trip” Haddish and her life story grew in popularity.

For anyone seeking to climb up the ladder, Tiffany’s book offers great advice on overcoming hardship. Her story is an encouragement on the importance of perseverance. The book is a celebration of the highs and lows of Tiffany’s life, and an acknowledgment of how funny life is.

1.Trevor Noah- Born A Crime

Trevor Noah narrates his life in South Africa. The book is a snapshot of the complexities of his life as a mixed race child. A story of finding one’s identity, reaching for the stars and the struggle to get to the top, Noah chronicle’s his life’s journey so far. Released in 2016, this book only grew in popularity recently in late 2017. A movie based on his life is now in production, to be released later in 2019.



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