Bolt Drops The Mic On James Corden


In a recent episode of the show The Late, Late Show With James Corden show host James Corden went head to head with the fastest man on earth Usain Bolt. The two spit bars in front of a live audience who’s uncensored reaction gave an indication on who won the rap battle. As the battle went some of the topics seemed to sting, as touchy subjects including Corden’s weight and Bolt’s past with women can into question all in the name of fun.

During his last visit on the show, Bolt outrun James Corden and his whole production crew on the lot of their building. The pair who have an incredible rapport did not shy away from picking at each other with cleverly stated jabs. With James Corden’s musical background one would think he would win the battle, but it soon became apparent that Bolt’s smooth delivery would outshine Corden.

With lots of banter and creative puns, the duo delivered an entertaining show but more importantly proves that Usain Bolt’s island swag will never fail him.  Check out the segment below.


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