Bobi Wine Made It To Parliament, Can Jaguar Do The Same?


Ugandan entertainer Bobi Wine known for a list of hits including “Kiwaani”, “Abantu” and “Why” recently made it into the August House. The hitmaker was sworn into Parliament in late June 2017, as a Member of Parliament for the Kyadondo East constituency. After a hotly contested race, Wine also known by his government names Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu managed to snag the seat from his opponents. According to a report in The Star, he garnered 25,659 with his closest rival Sebalu Sitenda getting 4,556 votes.  Famed as a man who moved from the ghetto to the Parliament, it was clear throughout his election bid that he was a man of the people. After his first seating in the August House, Bobi Wine proved that he truly could roll with the punches.

With other celebrities running for office in the Kenyan elections to held in August 2017, it seems they could borrow a leaf from the election tactics of Bobi Wine. Here are a few tips Jaguar, Boniface Mwangi, Babu Owino and Maji Maji could learn from Bobi to clinch the parliamentary seat:

1.Remain Humble

Known as the man of the people, Bobi Wine stayed true to his roots before and after the elections. Titled the “President of the Ghetto” his mode of operation has always been to be with the people and work to improve their lives.

2.Keep It Honest

Known for his philanthropic efforts, Bobi Wine has also made a name for himself due to his generosity. Many trust an honest man. To win the hearts of those you hope to elect you, remain honest. Do not highlight your charities and foundations that cropped up overnight just to support your election bid. Instead, remain honest and let your charity work remains true to the people it serves. No one wants to see you in a suit and tie visiting the slams you used to call “home”. The electorate is not made up of fools.

3. Keep Your Priorities Straight

Starting out as a musician, Bobi Wine has risen up the social strata, now representing his people in Parliament. However, even despite his new role in government, the “Abantu” crooner is yet to forsake his people. Known for choosing his country over money, he has distinguished himself for his true selfless leadership. Therefore, for any Kenyan politician hoping to take on leadership, it important to know the true meaning of “servant leadership” before using it as a buzz word you spew out at debates while seeking out votes.







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