Bill Gates recommends these 5 books he read in 2014


bill gates books

While most of us struggle to read anything outside the mandatory reading material in campus (FaceBook doesn’t count), Billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates is a prolific reader. Even with his extremely busy schedule – with the Foundation and an eye on Microsoft – Gates creates time to read. You will be surprised that the Microsoft co-founder still finds business books interesting. He shares 5 of the best books he read in 2014 in his gatesnotes blog.

1. Business Adventures – John Brooks

Bill Gates says this is the best business book he has ever read. Warren Buffet recommended the collection of business stories about real companies from the 1950s and 1960s. The Independent refers the book to ‘A Bible for Billionaires’. “Business Adventures is a neglected classic, and it’s still my favorite business book ever,” says Gates.



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