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Biker jackets for the cold season


With the cold season here with us, the biker jackets are an essential wardrobe piece. Whether long sleeved or sleeveless, the biker jacket should be your go to item to keep the chills away and keep you super stylish right now. Plus I think it’s a piece that every campus chic should own to bring out their inner sexy rock chick!

It can either be denim or leather so this gives you so many options


The biker jackets which can either be leather or denim can be paired with comfy jeans or a dress and can make most outfits look instantly chic and edgy especially when worn with something feminine like a dress.



The jackets are available at toi market, ngara stalls as well as various exhibition stalls in town in a wide range of colours.


Add a biker jacket to your wardrobe and unleash your edgy side ladies. As for dudes no need to feel left out, I will be letting you know how to rock these jackets as well.


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