Beyonce takes trip down memory lane to give her best performance yet


Beyonce may have canceled on Coachella fans last year, it is clear that it was definitely worth the wait.

The mother of 3 performed for 2 hours straight, entertaining fans with 26 tracks that featured guest appearances on-stage from Jay- Z, Solange Knowles, and Destiny’s Child. According to The Daily Mail, “She made history when she became the first black woman to headline Coachella on Saturday night.”

The 20-time Grammy winner offered a showstopping performance, with visuals reminiscent of a high school football game with a full band in toe. According to The Washington Press, Beyonce’s performance was ” less a humble show of gratitude than a declaration. She interspersed her historically-black-college-themed performance — complete with a drum line, majorettes, and step-dancing.” The performance is the highlight of the Coachella Festival so far, and it is hard to believe that anyone else could outdo Queen Bee. Serving up looks and pure talent, Beyonce took over the festival to the delight of fans who christened it #Beychella.

Here are the top 3 tracks included in Beyonce’s set list that could do with another listen:

3. Beyonce- Get Me Bodied

The track from Beyonce’s second solo album was a celebration of all things Beyonce in 2006. With the help of Swizz Beats, the track was a certified Billboard number one. The iconic intro still drives Beyonce fans into formation. Let’s just say the inclusion of this track into the set was essential to the overall hype of the performance. Accompanied by Solange on stage, Beyonce danced her costume off, only narrowly avoiding a very public wardrobe malfunction all in the name of an epic performance.

2. Crazy in Love – Beyonce

This track is probably the definition of #CoupleGoals. Released in 2003, it was part of the 2003 solo debut album “Dangerously in Love.” The track was a confirmation of Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s secret relationship.


1.Say My Name- Destiny’s Child

The most iconic moment of Beychella was the Destiny’s Child reunion onstage. Performing some of their greatest hits, Destiny’s Child offered fans a rare chance to reminisce. The track “Say My Name” was released 1999, from the album “Writings on the Wall.” With Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland onstage with Queen B, it’s safe to say that the Coachella experience was complete.



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