Beyonce Goes Country Singing “Daddy Lessons”


Beyonce, arguably of pop’s biggest stars conquered the Country  Music Awards stage as she performed at the event on the 2nd of November. The event that was the celebration of 50 years of country music was attended by Country Music royalty. Amid online protests at the Beyonce’s surprise performance, the show went on as planned and even overshot expectations with a different demographic tuning in to watch ‘Sasha Fierce” on stage. The Country Music Awards known to be predominately geared to the white, southerners of America changed up their tune, inviting Queen B onstage. In a live rendition of “Daddy Lessons ” a song from her latest album” Lemonade”, Beyonce gave a fantastic performance alongside Country music favorites The Dixie Chicks.

In a thrilling show, the natural order of the Country Music Awards was upset as Beyonce hit the stage. The performance which was a subtle political statement that lightly rocked the boat of the conservative, white American audience. The Dixie Chicks who are known to be anti-war during the Bush regime, have had their album sales suffers due to their sentiments on the matter. Beyonce’s “Formation” also caused outrage with many calling her a “cop- hater.” The performance saw many take to Twitter expressing their disappointment with the surprise performance. Outspoken and bold, many continued to present their unhappiness with the diversity brought into the show. Queen B performed anyway, despite many threatening to boycott the show and the performance wowed supporters and neigh sayers alike. Also in attendance at the show are Country music greats like Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood who won Female Vocalist of the Year and veteran Dolly Patron who won Willy Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Beyonce made lemonade from lemons and gave an unforgettable performance that had even neigh sayers loving her performance. It’s another time that Queen B, slayed!



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