Beyonce and Jay- Z snub MTV VMAs to receive historic honor in South Carolina


The power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z were honored with the key to Columbia city.

The duo who were performing in South Carolina as part of their ORT -II (On The Run) tour pleased and teased fans with a thrilling show. The two iconic performers have been on tour for months from June 25th 2018, sharing the stage and delivering tremendous performances across the world. Though the pair did not attend the MTV Video Music Awards this past weekend, the couple was given a royal welcome in South Carolina ahead of their performance.

Based on a tweet by South Carolina’s Mayor Steve Benjamin, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s works go far beyond music and entertainment and venture to the realms of humanitarian work and cultural contributions, earning them the keys to the city. The couple were credited and honored in front a stadium of over 40,000 adoring fans.



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