The Best And The Worst of 2016


The year of 2016 has been eventful with great highs and lots of lows. Here is a recap of the best and the worst of the year that saw Donald Trump elected president and the Chibok girls freed from captivity.Donald Trump is

1.Donald Trump is President-Elect

Established businessman Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of American on a Republic ticket running against the popular Hillary Clinton. In many ways the world was disappointed in the American electorate and the Americans were disappointed in the American electoral process. 2017 has the world watching and waiting to see how Trump accomplishes in his first 100 days in office.

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2. Chibok Girls freed from Captivity

The school girls kidnapped by Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram freed. With over 200 girls kidnapped in 2014, 21 girls were released and are back in the safety. The girls were glad to be home, however, they were not released to the custody of their families until after the Christmas holiday for security reasons.

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3. Frank Ocean Released “Blonde”

Recluse, Frank Ocean finally released his album “Blonde.” The musical genius teased his audience and finally released the album in August 2016 to lots of praise from the industry and favorable reactions from his audience online. With over 13 songs in the album, the Contemporary R&B, Psychedelic pop album is sure to receive Grammy nominations in 2017.

4. Eric Omondi Embodied Different Characters

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi had every Kenyan in stitches as he took on various characters. In some of his most popular parodies, Omondi showed us how to become Sauti Sol, Diamond Platinumz and even did a short skit based on Sarafina.

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5. Kenyan 7s Team Won the IRB Singapore 7s

The team of 7 upset the dominant Fiji team to win the Singapore leg of the IRB 7s Series. The team’s win brought pride to all Kenyans and reminded many of Kenya’s sporting capabilities. Under the coaching of Benjamin Ayimba the team ended the game 30-7 to make the win and bring home the cup. Unfortunately, the buzz was short lived as the team did poorly in the Rio Olympics later in August.




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