Best Universities for international students


Looking to study abroad? Check out these universities.

A recent research on international education reveals that Germany is the global leader in attracting international students. United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the US and South Korea also featured in the top destination for international students. Availability of scholarships, quality and cost of education, cost of living and international student polices are the major reason students consider studying in these countries. Ability to attract and retain international students is a factor top global universities consider important in their agenda to portray their institutions as global centres of excellence.

freire uni

Germany is known to have produced some of the best public figures known today. The universities based in Germany are equipped with state of the art facilities.

The Freie Universitat Berlin is one of the Universities in Germany that hosts a considerable number of international students across 80 different nationalities. The University offers a wide range of courses; from Arts and Humanities to Science and Technology. International students prefer the institution mainly because it has affordable tuition cost.  It is closely followed by:

  1. Technische Universitat Berlin
  2. The Universitat Munchen.
  3. Humboldt-Universitat Zu Berlin
  4. Universitat Leipzig
  5. Universitat Hamburg


City of London

Now this is considered one of the best places for learning for foreign students especially from English speaking countries. The revered and respected education system in the UK, in addition to the high career prospects makes London an attractive destination for students. Furthermore, the learning environment is very conducive.


Graduates of The City University of London are widely believed to get jobs faster compared to other students and the certificate from the institution is globally recognized. 30 percent of the student population at the university is composed of students from 100 countries outside the UK.


International students have a large choice of varied courses with around 100 different disciplines to choose from, including Law, Journalism, Business, Nursing, Engineering and Psychology to name just a few. This middle-sized campus in the heart of London is followed by other universities namely:

  1. Imperial College of London
  2. Institute Of Education
  3. Kings College London
  4. London School Of Economics
  5. University College London



Following closely coming in third is Australia. The unique selling point of this continent-country is the pleasant sub-tropical climate and the relatively low cost of living and cheaper tuition fees. The fact that Australia is also friendly for English speaking students is an added advantage.

Top universities found in Australia are:

  1. The Monash University that is known for hosting the best research facilities in all aspects and fields.
  2. The University of Sydney
  3. The Charles Darwin University.


University of Monash
University of Monash


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