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Best #MyDayOnInstagram Photos. VOTE!


We had a hard time choosing the top 5 best photos for this week. But we had to come up with some captivating images posted on the #MyDayOnInstagram movement. Well, its becoming a movement now. Last week’s winner, @chegepizels got over 700 votes and won Sh2,000 credit. Lets see who wins a Samsung phone this week. Remember to follow @CapitalfmKenya on Instagram and also win more prizes with this competition:


1. @Bushysignal ‘how the landing will be, only God knows’

2. @kasim_simo ‘am physically fit you guy’

Beautiful rainbow. #Mydayoninstagram

A post shared by The_Diddy (@olididier) on

3. @olididier ‘beautiful rainbow’

4. @namuks ‘Now I know better than to mess with @achoki’

Find your balance

A post shared by Zollo (@zollz13) on

5. @zollz13 Find your balance

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