The Best of the Mannequin Challenge


The Mannequin Challenge took over the internet and went viral all over the world. The challenge took seed in Kenya with participation from many corporates. Although there were many attempts at making their contribution to the challenge, only a few made exciting submissions. Here is the best of the Mannequin Challenge so far.

Capital FM Kenya’s Koroga #MannequinChallenge

Of course, we had to pick our very own for the top spot. The interesting characters who feature in the video and the lively start is very entertaining.  Dancing to Awilo Longomba’s hit songs “Carolina” and “Gate le Coin”  . The Koroga #Mannequin Challenge is the perfect excuse to showcase one’s killer moves and great posing skills. Much like the childhood game of “Statue” the Koroga #MannequinChallenge creates excitement and is still open for submissions. Watch the Capital Team did and see if you could beat them at their game.

Airtel Kenya

With an interest group of staff, the setting of the video is within the offices of the communication giant Airtel.  Their version of the Mannequin Challenge was simple and well documented though the office looked a bit empty.


GeoPoll Nairobi

Though it was a small team took up the Mannequin Challenge,  the video was interesting and the poses were dynamic.  With an eclectic group of characters, the poses look like the team is an amusing bunch. The poses could have any audience eager to see what’s next though the lighting in the video could have been better.  Using the original background music of Rae Sremmurd, Beatles this group definately outdid themselves.

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