Best companies to work for in Kenya, UK and US


Most graduates dream of working in blue chip companies, earning big bucks and on the fast lane to middle management. But these companies only pick the best of the best, and getting a foot in as an intern is considered a privilege.


Deloitte Kenya polled 5,000 workers on how their employers ranked on standards like pay, workplace culture, organisational ethics, human resource processes and employees’ confidence in their companies.

During the survey, it was noted that biggest reason for employee turnover in most companies is due bad work relations and communication between the workers and their line managers.

Here is a list of the top companies to work for in Kenya, according to a Deloitte research released early October 2012:

1. East African Breweries Ltd.

2. Kenya Women Finance Trust

3. Nation Media Group

4. APA Insurance

5. British America Tobacco

6. Old Mutual

7. Pan Africa Life

8. Total Kenya

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